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Julie Hassett

I met again with that second journalist in a coffee shop and told her I really think the prize I applied for was last years. She paused, grinned, then laughed out loud. By then, she knew me. Anyway, I have a million poems, at this point, since I'm older than Moses by eight years and figured I'd give her an Irish one in my backlog. I don't care where the fook it goes, at this point, so I thought I'd share it with you. It'll be in the local papers, and the part in italics must be read in my grandmother's Irish accent. It's a good crack, so have fun with it.


God spoke to you in code,
knocking three times on my wooden bureau
with your hidden fist, your face lit
with mock surprise.

I was willing to be fooled every time,
your words, red blue purple
green silk scarves you pulled
from the air behind my ear.

Did I ever tell you about the time your grandfather
fell asleep at the wheel around a curve
and I, who could not drive

grabbed the wheel with both hands
and said, Jesus,
Mary, and Joseph,
and pulled us from the precipice?

I am gliding beside you, breath
sucked in, eyes pinned
wide, the granite drop
a hard death

and you, my guardian angel
wrinkled white skin beneath your chin
trembling, crabbed knuckles clenched
high above my head,

steer us both
towards rapture.

Julie Hassett

Julie Hassett

Did you even get the other two I sent you? I don't think I sent them properly, since the steps I took this time were different than the ones I took this time. And those last two were the ones I wanted to send! Maybe I'll send them again. I told the two journalists that perhaps you'd let me know if I'm all mixed up about the details in this prize. They just wanted to publish them in the local papers, but I told them I wanted to see if I could win a prize for them first. Not likely, but what the hell. They're a hoot to read in a coffee shop or bar.

46 B Pomfret Rd
Narragansett, RI 02882
Tall Tale in the Irish Tradition
(with a nod to Galway Kinnell)

To reach for the pen just after opening full the windows
allow smoke to billow from the room of the living

grateful to be among them, to see the humor straight off
and write about it, way before the cloud has cleared

to lie down again without calling anyone in a room
reeking of stale odor, to know the landlady

will come hunting you down for that deposit
known as security, to live in a world

where there is no security, wracked, as it were, by war
and two kinds of flu, to stop and write as the first

bird begins her persistent call to all of us
reminding that the day has just begun

another one in a long line, that you’ve survived
one more night, is enough to set a smile

on anyone’s face, if one is Irish
and has lived a long, long time alone.

Julie Hassett

Warning to All Those Who Suffer the Disease of Preparing Overly for the Day
by Boiling a Pan of Porridge Just Before They Retire.

To be laid to rest by my own Irishness
would have been my fate had not a bird

chirped in my ear that smoke rose around me in a wall
and I leapt from my bed, the pot charred

beyond recognition to find blackened steel cut oats
cloud so thick my lungs could barely swell

the first thought, Oh, no! I haven’t a washer
and must face the Soap Center or put up with the likes

of those with no decent sense of smell
as I throw open the windows, fan on full blast

glad to breathe the cold October air
or any air at all. Still, the sudden jolt of fear

does not stop me from brewing a new pot
chock full of berries and nuts

knowing full well that morning will come again
and the need for more sustenance, despite

my constant troubles, the night sky
clear and understanding, stars just as bright

as before my great inanity. Thank God
I did not go this way, for upon my headstone

would have been carved, Twas the Irish oats
that did her in. Can you imagine?

To think I could so easily
have been Irish history.


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