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Czynnik Miarodajny

Inviting Michnik, who made a fool of Hebert after his death, because the later criticized his politics and newspaper, was a very unfortunate idea.


Such provocateurs! Did not know that! Wish I did.

Czynnik Miarodajny

This was not a question of provocation, but as Hebert would put it, a question of taste. Imagine that after your death, people you openly criticize today, declare your a genius and explain your critical attitude toward them by your supposed mental illness. And then they speak about your greatness at "tribues" all over the world...


I see your point but I don't think we should be so closed off to resolution.

This blog post here links to an interview in which Herbert comments on parting ways with Michnik and to an article Michnik wrote upon the poet's death. Clearly both reflect the vehement rejection of one another's political views and the shared bafflement at how quickly their friendship dissolved, but it is the very bafflement at having spun so violently from each other's orbits that suggests forces larger than those of personality were at work.

I make this point, mainly, because Mrs. Herbert was very happy to have Michnik attend the tribute. It might be wise to rely on her judgment in this case.

Czynnik Miarodajny

Well, the problem is that it was Mrs.Herbert who was the main source of the "psychiatric" interpretation of her husband's criticism of Michink. Michnik liked it so much that he has published a long interview with her in his newspaper, soon after Herbert's death. I think Michnik-Herbert relations are worth studying, and Michnik’s views on them may be interesting, but to me his presence at a “tribute” to Herbert is simply not appropriate.

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