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Oh, oh, oh I'm so glad he's going to re-start the blog. It was one of the first ones I read 2-3 years ago. I still count the number of female contributors in the NYRB. (One in the issue before the current.)

Chip Walter

this guy is a buffoon. 'nuff said.

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this guy is a buffoon. 'nuff said.

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Jennifer Connelly

What an excellent blog! Meanwhile, where else are you going to find any kind of long-form writing? In a time of short sound bites and insufficient public access to in-depth analysis, we find ourselves with a twice-unelected president and in a stupefyingly senseless war that everyone else in the country knew before it happened was stupid and based on lies.


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Long Distance Movers

But meanwhile the one form of media that people have an inherent faith in is the book. I mean, one thing I’ve learned as a publisher is that every body either has written a book or believes they can.

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What an incredible interview! seems that you are a great journalist!


You did a great job with the interview. I know that this kind of interview doesn't bring polemic into the table but at leas we know more about his perspective.


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