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Oh, and there was beer. All the time.

Hilarious! During my visit to Prague I was stunned to find that beer was cheaper than water. Morning, noon, and night, one can never be hung over when one is continuously buzzing.


A liter of Gambrinus works out to about 60 cents! You're right. After awhile I couldn't tell if the beer was working--and it totally was.

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Wonderful pics ... some good friends of mine moved there over a year ago & now I want to go even more! I think beer is necessary to counteract cathedral overload. Also, my copy of Time and Materials showed up yesterday ... thank you!! Cheers, JP/deb


nice photos Mike! 1832...

peter from prague

Hey, I'm always glad to see some nice pics from Prague and words of praise from somebody outside. Keep good shoot. Bye

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