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I did not know that Queneau wrote poetry. That should be a nice intro to French poetry since I dig the novels but never moved beyond that.

Incidentally, I have managed, through subliminal messages and "Sunday Salon" postings, to persuade two of my blog's readers to try Josipovici. One read and reviewed "Everything Passes" and the other bought "Goldberg: Variations". (The second had been considering it since the first time I mentioned it.) And Picador Blog picked up on the Sunday Salon stuff.

I shall convert the entire world. It is only a matter of time.

Brian Hadd

Ja ne sais qua. Non, ja ne sais qua, ja.


Imani! Yes, Queneau was prolific in many directions. He once said that poetry was the most important quality of his prose. (Then again, I say that, too.)

And nice work there with Goldberg. That's great news that it was picked up on Picador's blog. I assure you that Gabriel is happy to see it.

Brian, good to hear from you again. I don't know either.


I took French all through high school and tried for two years in college...this poem really made me miss the reason why I love this language so much...the translation is really beautiful...


Very cool, Michael. I wonder if this method would help me studying Italian?

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.


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